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How to create an Event
How to create an Event
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MemberUp simplifies the process of setting up events and notifying your members. With just a few straightforward steps, you can create an event and ensure your community is well-informed. Follow the guide below to get started:

1. Access the Events Section: Head to the Events section in your MemberUp dashboard. Look for the plus icon, usually located in the top-right corner. Click on it to initiate the event creation process.

2. Provide Event Details: Begin by giving your event a name and description. Make it engaging and informative, as it will help attract your community members to participate.

3. Upload a Thumbnail (Optional): While not mandatory, a captivating event thumbnail can enhance the visual appeal and grab your members' attention. If you have a suitable image, upload it to add an eye-catching touch to your event.

4. Select Time and Date: Set the precise time and date for your event. This information ensures your members know exactly when to join and participate.

5. Choose the Time Zone: To ensure global participants can easily follow the event's schedule, select the appropriate time zone. This helps avoid any confusion arising from different time zones across your community members.

6. Add Event Link/Location: Lastly, include the event's link or location to provide easy access for your members. Whether it's a virtual gathering or an in-person event, sharing the link or location streamlines the process of joining.

For visual instructions, follow the video below.

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