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How to create spaces?
How to create spaces?
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Spaces allow you to organize the topics within your community into different categories.

How spaces work:

After you create spaces inside of your community, members will be prompted to select a space to make their post. Afterwards, that post will be shown both in the community tab as well as the space they made their post in. Clicking a space on the left sidebar filters the feed to show only posts within that space.

Spaces are a highly flexible way to organize your community. You could create a space called "announcements" where all you store all your announcement posts, or you could create a space called "wins" where you encourage students of yours to share success they've had inside your community, or even "books" where people share recommended booked they love. The options are endless and can be customized to your community.

Note: the number of spaces you can create depends on your pricing plan. Details here.

How to create spaces:

1. Hover over the community tab on the top on your left side menu.

2. Click on "+ New Space" on the top right side of your screen. Note: you're also able to delete any default spaces by clicking on the 3 dots in the action menu for each space.

​3. This should trigger the popup below where you can enter some information. You can also select wether you'd like this space to be reserve only for admins to post in.

Once you have input all the information, click "Create Space" for the space to be created. You will then be able to see this space in your community side bar as well as select this space while making a post in your community.

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