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Content, Courses, Lessons
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Content is the main portal for online courses, but can host a wide range of other types of content too. Upload your videos, add a rich text description, automatically upload a transcript using Luna (our AI assistant), and attached files or links as resources. Based on your community focus, the learning experience inside of the content library can look different. Some courses are text-based, some only audios, while others host videos.

Click "content" in the side bar:

Click the gear icon to edit your banner:

Add a title, description, colors, and text alignment. You can also completely replace the image and add your own custom image, or you can select from UnSplash stock photos.

Once you update your content library banner, we can add your first course. MemberUp allows you to have multiple courses inside your content library. To add your first course, simply click the "+ Add Course" button:

Add your course name, description, and thumbnail:

Note that all courses are in draft mode by default. Once you finish creating your course, you can choose to publish it. Each course will have a small indicator showing it's status:

When you're in the content library, you can hover over any course to see the action menu appear. Use this to move the order of your courses, delete, or preview them.

Once you added a new course, you can click "manage" to begin adding your content:

Once you're inside and managing your course, you'll see the course title, course status, and then an auto-generated "default section" and "new lesson" in the course outline:

  • Sections: are an easy way to organize lessons within your course.

  • Lessons: are the pages of content that live inside of each section.

Clicking the settings tab is where you can manage the higher level course settings like the course status, course title, description, and thumbnail:

Within the outline tab you can add new lessons and sections. To add new sections, click "+ add section" and to add a new lesson within that section, simply click on "+ add":

Clicking the action menu next to sections allows you to edit the section (the name and draft/published status) or delete the section:

The expandable arrows next to the action menu allow you to expand and collapse the contents of your section. The sections and lessons are also drag/drop. You can hover over them and use the anchor to re-order them. Note that you cannot drag the lesson outside of sections, just within the section it's already inside of:

Sections and lesson also have draft/published statuses which can be see by the colored indicator next to each of them. Green is published and orange is draft.

Clicking on any lesson to open the editor. At the top of the screen you'll see a dropdown to edit the visibility of your lesson, an eye to preview your lesson within the course, and the save button to save your progress:

Lesson name: simply click to edit the name of your lesson

Next, select what you type of lesson you're creating.

None: select this option for a simple text based lesson with no media.

Video: select this option to upload content in video format. MemberUp hosts you videos for you and allows you to upload directly to the platform.

Once uploaded, Luna AI will auto-generate a transcript in the drop down. You will also have the option to add a thumbnail image and delete or download your audio file from the action menu.

Audio: select this option to upload audio only content. MemberUp hosts your audio for you and allows you to upload directly to the platform.

Once uploaded, you have the option to add a thumbnail image, title, sub-title, and delete or download your audio file from the action menu.

Description: you can write a description for your video or audio content, or you can use is to create a purely text-based lesson inside your course. Highlighting the text will bring up our rich text editor allowing you more advanced formatting options.

​Resources: click "+add resources" to upload a file or add a clickable link as a resource.

Click "add link" to add a link as a resource:

Enter a title for you link, the link URL, and click save:

Once you click save you'll see a preview that will allow you to re-edit or delete:

Uploading a file is similar. Simply click "upload file" and select your desired file:

Once your files are uploaded, you'll see a preview of them. Note MemberUp will pull the name of your file and show it in the preview. If you want to change the title, change your file name prior to uploading it into the platform.

Tip: the file size limit on resources is 20MB. If you're file is larger than that, you can use an online file compressor or if it's a document you could use Google Docs and link to the document instead of uploading it as a file.

To finalize your edits and publish your lesson, simply click "save" and then switch your lesson visibility to published. To preview your course, you can click on the eyeball icon.

Once you click the eyeball, you'll be in preview mode. Preview mode shows a banner at the top of your screen showing preview status as well as an "edit lesson" button to click allowing you to quick go back and make changes.

Preview mode is what member of your community will see when viewing your course.

1. Members can monitor their course progress.

2. Members can click through the course outline.

3. Members can mark a lesson as done.

4. Members can see the description, resources, and transcript.

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