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How to setup pricing
How to setup pricing
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MemberUp integrates directly with stripe and you have an option to use the in-house checkout system that allows your community members to pay to access your community.

Here is how you can set up the integration within your community...

Log in as an admin or the owner of the community, go to profile > creator dashboard > monetization > then click on community pricing.

Stripe connection

Please refer to the article here and make sure stripe is connected with your community. Please bear in mind that MemberUp creates a new business for your integration because of stripe's rules and regulations.

Pricing plans

Once your stripe account is connected with MemberUp, you can set the pricing plan to any amount you wish by clicking on manage plan below the amount.

Note: When you set your payments through MemberUp, you can set your pricing plans to monthly and annual or a one-time payment. You cannot have all the options enabled

External checkout

If you choose to use an external checkout than the default MemberUp one, the process slightly varies from how it works when you use an internal checkout.

You would need to get your stripe disconnected (if it's already connected) from the internal MemberUp checkout. This isn't something you would be able to do it on your end but please contact us to do it for you.

You would also need to set your community to private and use the invite links on your payment success page or the email that is sent when the payment has been successful.

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