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A pinned post is a post saved to the top of your main community feed. Pinning a post allows you to highlight important posts for your members to see before anything else. Pinned posts are easy to identify as they have a colored bar on top stating "pinned".

How to pin posts

Before pinning a post, you'll need to create the post and publish it.

Once published, you can select the 3 dots on the top right, then select "pin this post".

Note: pinned posts only show up in the community tab. You can still see your post in the space you assigned it, but it will only show as 'pinned' inside of the community tab itself. This allows members to see your post first thing, the moment they enter the community.

The maximum number of posts you can pin at one time is 3.

After viewing the pinned posts in the community, members have the option to "hide" the pinned post and free up space in their feed. To do this, simply select the hide icon in the top right of any pinned post.

Hidden pinned posts can be viewed again by selected "pinned posts" within the sorting menu. Members can see any pinned post again by clicking the "show" icon in the top of the hidden pinned post.

Note: the hide/show feature is done on an individual basis. Clicking hide/show will only change the visibility of a pinned post for the person who clicked it - not for everybody.

You can unpin a post by selecting the post, clicking the three dots on the right side, and then "unpin this post". This post will still remain in the community, but will not be pinned.

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