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How to use Spark?
How to use Spark?
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Spark is a unique feature that helps boost engagement in your community. Spark posts a new question in your community (automatically) every 24 hours and answers are only visible to members once they've responded. You can pick from pre-designed templates or craft your own questions ahead of time.

Setting up spark

1. You can set up Spark in from within your community tab if you've just started one, or you can navigate to it later by clicking your profile photo > creator dashboard > spark

2. You can pick the types of questions you want to ask your community from different categories. Each category comes with its own questions that you can customize to fit your preferences (or even add your own custom questions once selected).

Updating spark questions

Click your profile photo > creator dashboard > spark

From this page, you have 5 options.

1. Hide an individual question so it doesn't show up.

2. Click on a question to edit it's text.

3. Answer a question in advance to save time.

4. Add your own custom questions.

5. Start or stop Spark inside your community.


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