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Member management
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The "member management" feature allows you to search for members, invite members, export your member list, and view additional information about members in one place.

Member management

Member management is only accessible to community owners and admins. To access it, click your profile icon > creator dashboard > members > then member management.

Search for members

To search members, click the search icon.

Then enter their first name, full name, or email address.

Invite members

To invite Members to your community, click on "Invite" on the top right side.

Enter their name and email address to and click "send invite".

After you click send Invite, your members will get an email to join your community.​ You won't need to approve these members. They will be automatically signed in once they complete the email sign-up process.

Export members

The export option allows you to download a .csv list of all your members' information, such as their names, emails, last online status, date joined, and course progress. To do this, click the "export" button in member management, then save the file.

Your exported .csv file will show member data in the following format.

View additional member details

Within member management, you can also view member profiles, member details, and delete members. Click on the three dots next to the member you're trying to perform a specific action for and choose what you would like to do.

"View profile" allows you to view their profile and message them.

"Member details" allows you to view last online status, date joined, and course progress.

"Delete member" allows you to delete members. You also have the option to ban a user. This prevents them from joining your community again in the future.

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