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Can increase my 1TB of storage?

Our largest plan offer 1TB of storage max. 1TB is 1000GB of storage which is a lot of space. Assuming an average length of 1 hour per video, that is roughly 660 videos at Full HD 1080p or 1,100 videos at HD 720p. If more space is required, consider using external links to additional videos or resources.

How do I disable welcome emails?

Click profile > creator dashboard > general > emails. On this screen, you can click the toggle to disable the welcome emails.

Newest posts & recent activity - what is the difference?

  • Newest posts show the latest posts.

  • Recent activity shows posts with the latest engagement (likes, comments, etc).

Can I edit the emails inside of MemberUp?

Currently, you can not edit emails. However, you do have the option to disable them and use your own email provider to send emails to your members.

Can I edit the domain used to send emails?

Currently, you can not edit the email domain. All emails are sent directly via MemberUp. However, you do have the option to use your own email provider to send emails to your members by connecting your email provider with Stripe to trigger actions.

Can I use MemberUp in a different language?

Currently, the default language for MemberUp is english and there isn't an option that allows you to change this. One work-around is to use a chrome translator extension.

Why are my members not getting notifications?

Members have the ability to turn on and off notifications (in-app and email) by clicking their profile > manage account > notifications. If members are not receiving updates, they should first check their notifications settings.​

Can I restrict access to spaces and courses?

Currently, you can not restrict access to specific parts of your community. However, you can set posting permissions within individual spaces for admins only. To do this, click on profile > creator dashboard > spaces > organize spaces. From here you can edit your individual space and set posting permissions to admin only.​

​What is the max number of pinned posts?

You can pin a maximum of 3 posts at one time. Learn more about pinned posts here.

How do I moderate a reported comment?

You can moderate a reported comment by going to your creator dashboard and clicking on members > moderation from the left-hand menu items.

How do I prevent a member from signing up again?

You can ban members permanently from your community. To ban a member, click your profile > creator dashboard > members > member management and from the action menu, click delete member.

Check the box to prevent them from rejoining in the future.

How do I tag all the members in my post?

When making a post, type @everyone to tag and notify the entire community.

How to view signup and checkout pages?

Click profile > creator dashboard > branding > signup & login. From here you can see the preview of each page or click to customize it.

How to set up custom onboarding sequences?

You can use Stripe to trigger an onboarding flow by connect your account and other softwares such as your CRM to Zapier. For example, you can setup an automation in Zapier to do the following:

  • When this happens... a new customer is created in Stripe

  • Then do this after it... send email series from Activecampaign

Learn more about how Stripe connected to Zapier here.

What does the "The token is not valid" error mean?

The error indicates that the invite link you or your members are using to sign up to the community is not a valid link. It could mean it's either revoked or deleted. You can learn more about invite links here

Why is the event time on the platform different from the one on the email?

The event shows up in the member's timezone in the platform and when they get an email it's in the creator's time zone. That's the reason behind the difference.

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