How to invite members
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There are 3 options to invite your members:

  • Email invites allow you to invite members inside individually.

  • Bulk invites allow you to invite up to 1,000 members at once.

  • Invite links allow you to send an invite link for people to join.

Email invite:

1. Click your profile, then creator dashboard.

2. Choose members from the left menu options.

3. Select invite members.

4. Enter their name and email, then click send invite.

Bulk invite:

1. Visit the invite members tab and select upload file.

Please Note: bulk invite members has a maximum of up to 1000 invites at one time.

2. We recommend downloading our sample file and adding your contacts to ensure the proper formatting, then uploading it into the file section.

3. Once you upload your file, click send invite.

4. Members will receive an invite email where they can sign up and will automatically get access to your community from there.

Invite links:

1. Visit the creator dashboard, then select invite links.

2. Click the button to create a new invite link.

3. Add a title for your invite link for identification.

4. Click copy link to get the URL to start inviting members.

You can see the date this invite link was created, the number of members who signed up through this invite link, and you can click the action menu for additional setting options.

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