Upgrading members
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To upgrade the subscription of a member within your community, you will need to update their subscription on stripe. Read the instructions below on how to do that.

Login to the stripe account that is connected to your MemberUp community, and search for the member you'd like to upgrade. Make sure the email matched the members email inside of MemberUp.

On the customer screen, click on update subscription (Please do not cancel and re-create the subscription as this will break the sync of the member between MemberUp and stripe)

Click on remove product for the subscription you need to remove.

Click add product to add the new subscription you want to upgrade the member to.

You can choose if you need to pro-rate the subscription and view next invoice on the right. Once you're ready click on update subscription

From the member's side before the upgrade, they will be able to see their old plan with the old bill date.

Once the stripe subscription is updated, the member details get updated on MemberUp and they see the new bill date on their billing screen.

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