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How to create events
How to create events
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The events feature allows admins to engage with their members via web-hosted video calls (Zoom, Google Meet, etc), in-person meetups, or anything that has a set time and date such as new content releases in your community.

Creating an event

Click on events in the menu.

Click the + or create event link to create an event.

Enter your event details and select publish.

Note: URLs must be complete links and include https:// or http:// in the beginning.

To increase engagement of scheduled events, it can help to remind members by email a day before. Check notify members box to set up a 24 hr email reminder for your event.

Members can also add an event reminder to their apple, google, or outlook calendar.

Note: The event date once published cannot be changed.

Event notifications

If selected, event notifications are sent to members via email 24 hours before the event. If it's less than 24 hours, emails are sent immediately. Notifications will only be sent to a member if their community notifications are enabled.

Event history

  • Upcoming shows events that are scheduled.

  • Draft shows events that are unpublished.

  • Past shows events that have already occurred.

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