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Payments FAQ
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Why are my coupons not working?

  • You're using the coupon code instead of the coupon ID.

  • Coupon ID was created from a different Stripe account.

  • There is a typo in the coupon ID being entered.

  • The coupon reached it's maximum number of redemptions.

Learn more about coupons here.

How can I change the currency?

Currently, you can not change the currency in MemberUp. While the default currency in MemberUp is USD, Stripe will always convert to your local currency for payouts. For any other currency setups, you'll need to use an external payment system.

Can I use other payment systems?

Yes, you can use external payment systems and add people into you community in other ways such as individual upload or invite links.

Why isn't connect to Stripe working?

If you get stuck in the Stripe connection process, reach out to our support team or you can try taking the same action from another browser to see if it might be a cookie issue.

How can I update members based on payment status?

We are currently building features to streamline this process. For now, reach out to our support team with your email address and community link, and we'll handle it for you.

How can I change my connected Stripe account?

Reach out to our support team and we'll disconnect your Stripe account manually. Then you'll be able to add a new Stripe account of your choosing.

Do failed payments lead to automatic member removal?

When a member payments fail 4 times over the smart retry period, their subscription will be automatically cancelled and they will be removed from the community. If they want to reactivate their account, the member will need to sign up again.
These payment failure retry settings can be changed in Stripe by going to Settings > billing > subscription and emails. MemberUp will sync with Stripe and work based on those settings before removing a member.

How are my transaction fees calculated?

Your transaction fee % is calculated based on the set percentage of the plan you choose with MemberUp. The transaction charged is based on every transaction that is made via the internal payment system you set to connect MemberUp with Stripe

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